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SEO is a process of increasing your website’s visibility online; but really, it is not just about your website, it is about your business. It is about claiming a presence online, with your own website, or the help of other sites too.

Social media websites provide free services that allow you to improve your Detroit company SEO and the message that you want to convey. In my opinion, the best opportunity for free social media promotion is LinkedIn.

This website is a business networking site with an international presence. Membership to the site is free; however website visitors do not have to be members to view your company’s profile. In fact, company profiles on LinkedIn often come up in the first page of search results for a company’s name.

Once a member, you can create a personal profile, as well as one for your company. I recommend that you do both. Your company profile includes your address, a link back to your website, and a company description. Your personal profile allows more flexibility to not only describe your company, but to expand on that description with details, specialties, and a description of your role in the business. Social networking allows colleagues, associates, and business partners to search for you (and vice versa) and establish connections.

You can build out your profile further with recommendations from your connections. The real power and influence of a social media website comes from the participation and engagement of its members.

The benefits to SEO from LinkedIn include:

Content: Social media websites provide the chance to provide more content that describes your business to search engines.

Backlinks: Search engines value networks of links between related websites, such as two websites that both describe your business.

Visibility: LinkedIn is a website with a good reputation for business networking. It also has great rankings in the search engines!

The reality is that social media websites provide an opportunity for you to promote your business, improve your online presence, network with business professionals, and benefit your SEO. Seize the opportunity!