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We Are Oakland SEO Experts.

We Will Not Only Rank Your Website
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Incredible ROI

dividerRecoup your monthly SEO expenditures as we gradually increase your website’s position in the real Google search engines. While your sales and customer base soar, SEO cost becomes only a fraction of your income and is fully recouped at the end of the 8 month period.

Individual Approach

dividerWe are a small company with a very personalized approach to our clients. With great attention to detail we can only work with a handful of businesses each month. Our consultant, once designated, will thoroughly study your business niche and your website and will come up with the best customized marketing strategy.

Updates & Reports

dividerWe always inform our clients about best SEO promotional strategies as well as report what has been done by means of monthly video analysis. We firmly believe in open door policy and full transparency. SEO optimization and improving rankings is a journey that us and our clients take together.


dividerWe are local SEO experts operating in numerous US cities what allowed us to gain experience that most of our colleagues just don’t have. By keeping in touch with other marketers in US & around the world, our ranking methods are up-to-date, ingenious & in compliance with latest Google updates.


What We Do

Need to rank higher locally? Perhaps you’d like a professional video presentation of your business. Already have one? Is it ranking in Google? Are you getting the right amount of exposure?

Apart from search engine optimization we provide a wide range of services, a “full package” if you will, from web design to video creation. We are able to take any company and create its internet presence from scratch ranking multiple properties on the first page of Google such as websites, videos and blogs.

Multiple Google Rankings

We don’t stop just on your website. Having experience in ranking multiple properties on the first page of Google, we also want to rank your YouTube videos, blogs, social media sites so as to “blanket” the top positions and leave your competition far behind.

Total Website Makeover

Designing a website structure from scratch allows us to properly optimize it for SEO while preserving the previous content. That way not only your website looks modern and up-to-date, what Google loves, but also it is easier and faster to rank.

Quality Over Quantity

We do everything manually and we do it ourselves. Shortcut methods that will get a website ranked and then penalized are not in our wheelhouse. The results we provide are long term and with a handful of clients we always strive for quality.



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“I’m glad we decided to put our trust in Martin. Within 4 months we started ranking on the first page of Google. Our business literally tripled over night. The SEO services Martin provides is worth every dollar and the ROI is amazing.”

– Howard Kotliard CEO

“Martin is one of the few elite SEO’s around, his skills in search engine marketing are exceptional. When it comes to ranking in Google search Martin delivers the No1 spot time and time again. I highly recommend.”

– Charlotte Driver Owner at Ollema Internet Marketing

“Martin understands Google search engine really well and is very good in determining clients needs and keyword phrases they need to rank for. He doesn’t just get the job done and leaves. He persistently works on a website until it basically ranks. He provides very personalized service. Highly recommended.”

– Thomas Wissman Founder at Absolute SEO

“When it comes to SEO, Martin is at the top of his game. I’m thoroughly impressed with his work ethic and professionalism, which is why I highly recommend working with him. He is committed to staying at the cutting edge of the industry, and it shows. If you’re interested in explosive SEO results, Martin is your one-stop-shop.”

– Brian Planas Entrepreneur

Oakland Search Engine Optimization FirmMy name is Martin Hosner and welcome to our website! We are SEO experts from Oakland and we want to help you increase your revenue by search engine optimization and online marketing. Since no two business are alike, we don’t like to generalize or discuss any details without first having a closer look at your local business website.

Please go to our application page and fill in the details to receive a free video with your website analysis.

How to choose a proper Oakland SEO agency?

You should beware of Oakland SEO companies and agencies which charge all businesses the same low monthly price of $399 or $499. They just don’t understand business very well.

There are no two companies alike and each business has its own set of financial goals they want to achieve. Each type of business has different amount of competition and obviously the search engine marketing cost for a local company will never be as high as the cost of ranking a multinational company in the global market. If you start to think about it, there is absolutely no way that someone can make you additional hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue a month by simply charging $125 a week. That is actually less than a part-time employee working at McDonald’s would earn.

Common Misconceptions

Another common misconception or mistake that lots of business owners make every day is, that they think that SEO can be done but by their IT guys, and it is just not the case. Ranking websites in Google is a very unique skill. It is something that you can’t really learn at school and trusting your IT specialist to do the SEO for your website can simply be catastrophic.

Just because somebody woks with computers, doesn’t mean they are an Oakland SEO expert. And these people are often afraid of their job security so they will never admit to fact that they don’t know absolutely anything about it. Don’t get me wrong web designers are great architects but just because somebody build a hospital doesn’t mean you would trust them to conduct operations on patients.

Oftentimes the mistakes made by someone who is not knowledgeable enough are very hard to recover from and sometimes it is even much better to build a brand-new website and rank it rather than try to recover the current one.

You might also want to try to employ a marketing director or head of marketing with a similar set of skills who can do online marketing but then you have to pay them anywhere between 75,000 and $100,000 which is roughly 6500-$8500 a month in order for them to have a decent salary and provide for their family otherwise they will just not work for you. Plus you can never be sure if this person can produce the results that you are interested in.

Meanwhile you’re losing millions of dollars per year to your competition by not being a number one position in Google for local Oakland keyword phrases. Your competitors are getting all of this and you’re not.

The cost of our search engine marketing services in Oakland really depends on the type of business you’re in, your location, level of competition and many other factors that we simply need to know about your business before we can determine if we can work with you. What SEO is really all about is the return on your investment. In most cases within eight months you will recuperate your costs and our work will be completed. Your rankings will stick and every now and then we might do a small touchup and that’s it. Basically you will very quickly make all your money back with your clients.

So if you’re interested in our SEO Oakland services and if we are to engage in a business relationship we simply need to know more about your company and where you see your business going in the near future. We have some simple guidelines and we don’t take on everybody.

Please go to our website by clicking a link below and fill in the discovery form so we could determine if we are a match for each other. We are and together with our SEO experts we look forward to hearing from you.

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