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Professional Oakland SEO agency usually focuses on improving your corporate website’s results for industry keywords rather than company-specific terminology. This strategy aligns well with most business growth plans, because it promotes your company to searchers that may not know your company name yet.

It can be critically important to harness the power of this new audience in order to earn new business; however, keep in mind that you also want to remember those searchers that do already know your company’s name. When was the last time that you looked at the search results for your company name, rather than the results for your preferred keyword?

linkedin-for-seoTop placement is not what you are looking for here, but rather to see how your company looks to searchers who know your name. These searchers may be past clients, a new contact that you met at a networking event, or better yet, someone referred to your company by a client, friend or colleague.

You want to ensure that these searchers see you at your best. Search for your own company and see what comes up. You may be surprised what you see. If you find something you don’t like, contact the webmaster to see if they are willing to change the content. If you discover outdated information, see if you can update the information so that it is current.

Next search for your own name. Surprised again? You may need to consider modifying your privacy settings on social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace. You may want to take the opportunity to promote your professional image online with social media websites like LinkedIn. For extra credit, search for your competitors by name.

Are they doing something well that your company can learn from? Is there press section prominently featured? Are they promoted on industry blogs? Are they listed on respected directories? Learn from your competitors. The business potential of SEO is greatly enhanced by using search engines as tools to learn about your industry, your competitors, as well as your own company. Check back regularly for best results.