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One of the most important aspects of internet marketing would be list building and this includes both online and offline lists. However, the ability to create a responsive list of customers is as challenging as it sounds and of course, without this ability, you basically have little or no business at all. Knowing how to build a good list of leads could actually guarantee your success, especially if you play your cards right. But of course, creating this list and maintaining is a major responsibility and would certainly require plenty of time and effort from you.

The first thing you have to do is create trust within your list. Basically, you need to really think about what you are going to tell your clients and take the time to actually create content that would be informative and helpful instead of being a complete waste of space. Remember, these people are not naive. They will know when you didn’t put enough effort into what you have sent and when you do mess it up, you just might lose a bit of rep and some of your clients.


On the internet, content is king. Keep this in mind. Now, you would need a website. If you aren’t ready to shell out the money needed to pay for this, you can opt to use one of the free blog platforms instead. They would work just as well expect for the one minor drawback which would be the fact that your blog is subject to the host’s scrutiny and they can pretty much shut you down at any given time. Nonetheless, it is a good place to start as they are very easy to set up and maintain.

Next thing you have to focus on is generating interest. Now, this can be very tricky especially if you haven’t done it before. The recommended plan of action would be to join various related communities and forums and let them know about your blog or website. Of course, do thus subtly. You may also join social networking sites and add people whilst informing them about your blog or website and what they might be able to find there. The genuine interest you spark in people would certainly help you build a more responsive list.