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Incredible ROI

dividerRecoup your monthly SEO expenditures as we gradually increase your website’s position in the real Google search engines. While your sales and customer base soar, SEO cost becomes only a fraction of your income and is fully recouped at the end of the 8 month period.

Individual Approach

dividerWe are a small company with a very personalized approach to our clients. With great attention to detail we can only work with a handful of businesses each month. Our consultant, once designated, will thoroughly study your business niche and your website and will come up with the best customized marketing strategy.

Updates & Reports

dividerWe always inform our clients about best SEO promotional strategies as well as report what has been done by means of monthly video analysis. We firmly believe in open door policy and full transparency. SEO optimization and improving rankings is a journey that us and our clients take together.


dividerWe are local SEO experts operating in numerous US cities what allowed us to gain experience that most of our colleagues just don’t have. By keeping in touch with other marketers in US & around the world, our ranking methods are up-to-date, ingenious & in compliance with latest Google updates.


What We Do

Need to rank higher locally? Perhaps you’d like a professional video presentation of your business. Already have one? Is it ranking in Google? Are you getting the right amount of exposure?

Apart from search engine optimization we provide a wide range of services, a “full package” if you will, from web design to video creation. We are able to take any company and create its internet presence from scratch ranking multiple properties on the first page of Google such as websites, videos and blogs.

Multiple Google Rankings

We don’t stop just on your website. Having experience in ranking multiple properties on the first page of Google, we also want to rank your YouTube videos, blogs, social media sites so as to “blanket” the top positions and leave your competition far behind.

Total Website Makeover

Designing a website structure from scratch allows us to properly optimize it for SEO while preserving the previous content. That way not only your website looks modern and up-to-date, what Google loves, but also it is easier and faster to rank.

Quality Over Quantity

We do everything manually and we do it ourselves. Shortcut methods that will get a website ranked and then penalized are not in our wheelhouse. The results we provide are long term and with a handful of clients we always strive for quality.



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“I’m glad we decided to put our trust in Martin. Within 4 months we started ranking on the first page of Google. Our business literally tripled over night. The SEO services Martin provides is worth every dollar and the ROI is amazing.”

– Howard Kotliard CEO

“Martin is one of the few elite SEO’s around, his skills in search engine marketing are exceptional. When it comes to ranking in Google search Martin delivers the No1 spot time and time again. I highly recommend.”

– Charlotte Driver Owner at Ollema Internet Marketing

“Martin understands Google search engine really well and is very good in determining clients needs and keyword phrases they need to rank for. He doesn’t just get the job done and leaves. He persistently works on a website until it basically ranks. He provides very personalized service. Highly recommended.”

– Thomas Wissman Founder at Absolute SEO

“When it comes to SEO, Martin is at the top of his game. I’m thoroughly impressed with his work ethic and professionalism, which is why I highly recommend working with him. He is committed to staying at the cutting edge of the industry, and it shows. If you’re interested in explosive SEO results, Martin is your one-stop-shop.”

– Brian Planas Entrepreneur

Best seo consultantLink Building – Smart Ways of Creating Web Presence

Search engines works like this- every links to a specific website is like a vote. Through effective link building efforts, your website can receive a lot of site visit which will result to higher page ranks on various search engines.

Links to websites remains the most important thing in order for search engines to give your site a higher rank. Search engine results pages (SERPs) are a result from targeted keywords. Through a reliable link building service, websites can increase the quantity and quality of links, increasing the importance of your websites by search engines and thereby helping these search engines in ranking your site higher.

Page rankings for your websites will be higher if you put enough efforts into creating back links to your site. Fewer links will results to lower page ranks giving you’re your competitors an edge on you. This will lessen the probability of customers to find your products and services thereby decreasing the profitability of your website.

Tailored Link Building Approach

The entire process of building links should require a lot of effort and time. Our team of professional link builders can provide you the customized campaign for you. Each website that we deal with whether industry or business has its unique obstacles to face in order to achieve success. An effective link building approach can help your site in building a reputation.

At 18JAMES, we can go through your back linking needs through in-depth analysis of current pages of competitors and look for pressing opportunities to strike, identify target audience and relevant sites to leave a link with in the niche which you would want to dominate. Through this, you are guaranteed of superior back linking campaign for your website which will put your competitors to shame. Our targeted keywords will render your website with the most compelling links. Get in touch with us so we can make necessary recommendations immediately and exclusively for you!

Link Building Services

We provide our clients with campaigns that really work because it is customized and formulated according to the nature of the business. Blog commenting targeted link request in content, forum posting and elsewhere to reach to your customers are just some of the strategies we can do for your website. We can generate guest blog posts and articles which will give your page utmost value to your clients.

Keyword Research: competitiveness & traffic

Finding the correct keywords/key phrases which will bring more appropriate traffic so as to increase sales of your product/services. The stage involves extensive analysis of the competitor’s web sites, meta tags and keywords/phrases. It has been generally found that webmasters target general single keyword (which is highly competitive) whereas research shows that people use two or three word phrases much more than single word in their search.

Website Analysis

In-depth analysis of your website (as well as top Houston competitor’s websites) in order to fully optimize the content and structure. This step includes putting Title, Meta Tag , Keywords / Key phrases in the content and correction of sloppy html, unclear text, Internal Linking of the website, Checking of links for errors.Access to detailed traffic statistics is crucial in this stage.

Proper internal linking is as much important as external backlinks.

Optimized website is manually submitted to leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. and directories like DMOZ (Several webpages can be submitted to DMOZ if they belong to different categories). Should also be submitted to on-topic directories.

PS: If the website is linked by webpages which are already indexed by the search engines, submission to search engine is not necessary as Search Engine spider will find the website by itself.
DMOZ is free but directories like JoeAnt and GoGuides charge a submission fee.

Link Exchange

Exchange links with same theme webpages to increase ranking in Search engine results.
Avoid exchanging links with spammy and free for all add websites. Its the quality not just quantity that matters.Get links from those websites only which you think your visitor would like to visit.


  • Search Engine Ranking Report: Lists all keywords by search engines and their respective ranking,current as well as previous ones.
  • Directory Submission Report: The detailed report of submission as well as getting enlisted in the directories.
  • Link Report: Lists all new external inbound back links from other websites.

Usability and Conversions

Its just not enough to get lots of visitors to your website. It should convert into sales unless which marketing campaign is a failure. We will provide you with valuable tips so as to get the visitors coming to your website again and again and increase your sales. We will also provide tips on better usability and navigation of your website.


Continuous analyzing of results to maintain or improve positioning in search engine results for your keywords.

  • Website optimization on a regular basis: SEO is not a destination but a process. To maintain top ranking in Houston, SEOs must evaluate the results and make necessary modifications based on performance. Remember your competitors are not going to sit idle.
  • Adaptation to search engine algorithm changes: Search engines constantly modify their ranking algorithms. These changes must be identified and analyzed in order to maintain top rankings.

Allow us to the job for your link building campaigns! Your corporate goals matter to us!

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