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It was only about three months ago that I shifted to Aweber the email marketing software program.  After detailed review of the product, I decided to go for it, it was important for me to get back into my groove of generating leads.

As a social media analyst, I’ve been studying data and patterns that I’ve been able to replicate my skills from the offline world of lead generation to my online presence. Its been quite easy to be honest, I’ve been testing and following various tactics to generate leads online, With leads, good product you can make a lot of money online. If you recall, I been building a brand name for myself as “ The Guy With An Attitude” and I’ve been working on a product that will help you learn how to convert visitors into leads and customers. While there are various elements that make  a reader a customer, I will highlight the various factors that will help you get more business.

In this post I will introduce you to two basic tips that will help you to get more leads

Its important about the software you use to marketing your product or your business online, While there are several online marketing software, I prefer to use Aweber, they are well organized, easy to follow and maintain and they offer awesome customer support. its important to chose the right software because, you don’t want your emails ending up nowhere. Email software often study and follow customer subscription trends and help you get the best subscribers. When a reader marks you as SPAM, the reader is automatically unsubscribed and that way, it does not set  a bad mark against the email.
Optin Placements

If you are looking at generating leads via your blog, a landing page, or a website, it depends on where you put the optin forms and how well the form is optimized, in this section we will cover the aspects of placement of your form. While there are various elements to get a reader to subscribe its important for you to place the form right after you qualify your reader or right after you show them proof of concept. This gives the reader a reason to sigh up without you actually having to ask them to sigh up.