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You must be wondering “What The Heck Is This All About?”  What the heck is this free link club thing?  Are they really giving away free links for websites?

Answer: Yup.


Here is the deal:  I like to think of myself as a pretty generous guy, but I’ll let you be the judge on that.  This free link club is just as it sounds.   You literally get free links (good quality links) for doing nothing.  I use article marketing and blog marketing a lot to promote my own sites.  Plus I build lots of blogs that serve various purposes.  There are many occasions where I need to link out to other authoritative sources of information about a topic when I am writing an article or blog post.

I have a couple of options when that situation arises.  1) I could just randomly pick a good source off the web 2) I could link to someone else’s site that I know of.    Personally, I prefer to link to a friend’s site and not waste the link juice on a stranger.  That is how I came up with this idea for this little club.

I came up with the idea of encouraging people to let me know about a website they own so that when I am looking for a place to link out to, I can link out to you guys instead of some total stranger’s website.  Does that make sense?   Why not link to someone you know instead of a stranger, right?  So that is really all this little club is about.  I really am giving away free links for your website.

And, it’s not some kind of formal club where you have any responsibility.  In fact it is not really a club at all.  I just think of it that way.  It is really just a way for me to meet new people online and establish friendships.  Maybe I should have called it “Friends of Martin” instead of calling it a club.

How many friends do you have who build a lot of links and actually have the ability to get links for you?  I bet that you hardly know anyone who does that.

It doesn’t cost you anything.  There’s no catch and this is not a gimmick.  I am just looking to make friends.  Then I help spread the word about my friends’ sites.   I don’t promise you how many links you will get.  And just so you know, I will only link out to your website if I think it is a good site.  I won’t link out to crappy sites or anything questionable.

How do you join?  Just drop me an email to introduce yourself.     Tell me who you are, what your website is about and mention that you want to be part of my “Friends of Ted Free Link Club”.   That is all you need to do.  If you have a decent website, consider yourself automatically in.  We can become friends.   Then when I am looking for a place to link out to from some future article or blog post that I write, then I might shoot a link towards your site. 

I give away lots of free high quality links to my friends every week.  You would be surprised.  And most of the time, they have no idea where that link came from.  The link just appears one day and makes you happy.

P.S.  Just so you know, I only link out to my friends from an article or blog post that is well written from scratch and published manually.  I never link out to them using any automated methods or low quality methods.  The links are always high quality links that look very natural.