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I was looking at my traffic statistics earlier today and saw that someone arrived at the site searching using the phrase “Do links from PR0 sites matter?”   I didn’t really have any pages that targeted that question.   So, I figured I may as well write one.   It is a good question that a beginner would logically ask himself at some point.

Here is your answer: Yes.  Links from PR0 pages or PR0 websites still help you rank higher and still get counted as long as they are in Google’s index.   Google still values that link and still looks at the anchor text as long as it is a regular hyperlink that doesn’t have the rel=”nofollow” attribute.  If the link is nofollowed then it is a different story.  In those cases, a nofollow link from a low PageRank site probably isn’t going to do anything for you.

Remember That The Google PageRank Scale Is An Approximation

Just because a page is labeled as PR0 or a site is PR0 does not mean that they actually have zero PageRank.    Actually, if they are indexed in Google at all, then they must have some PageRank.  It is just that the amount of PR that they have is too little to be measured as at least a 1 on the toolbar scale.

You should think about PageRank as being a decimal number.   That would mean that a page or a site could have 0.027 PageRank.   Another page might have 0.28 or 0.001 or 0.99 – All of those pages would show up on the Google Toolbar scale as being PageRank zero, when in fact they actually have drastically different amounts of PR that just happen to be low enough to place them in the lowest measurable category.

Those really low PR pages are still passing their PageRank through their regular outbound hyperlinks.  They are just passing a lot less than a page with higher PR would be passing.   The links still do matter though.  They just don’t matter as much.  They aren’t valued as highly in the eyes of Google.  They are more likely to lose even that little bit of juice that they do have and likely wind up getting de-indexed.  They still matter though.  And you won’t know for sure whether a page is going to ultimately lose its juice or maybe gain a little bit.

High PR Sites Start Out As Low PR Sites

And high PR pages were almost always low PR pages at one point.  Every website starts out having its homepage be a PR0 page, every single one.   That site doesn’t start acquiring measurable amounts of juice until other pages start linking back to it.   And even once the website’s homepage starts gaining enough link juice to move it up the scale, new pages on that site will probably start out at PR0 or at least become PR0 at some point.

Think about blogs for instance.   When a blog post first starts out, it might be published on the homepage of the site.   While it is part of the homepage, it will have more PageRank.   Once it gets bumped off the homepage, it will lose the vast majority of its PR.   As it gets bumped lower and lower into the archives on the site, it will probably lose even more eventually becoming PR0.  The only way that doesn’t happen is if the page itself acquires some direct links to itself or if the pages that link to it end up going up in PR.

Most Of The Links On The Web Are On PageRank Zero Pages on PageRank Zero Sites

If Google only counted links that ranked PR1 or above, then they would be ignoring the vast majority of links on the web entirely.   And I mean vast majority.   Think about how many billions of pages there are on the web and how many billions of links.   The amount of links from pages with measurable PageRank is probably in the millions.   I don’t know all of these numbers for sure.  I am guessing based on my own experiences.  But, my intuition tells me that there are way more PR0 pages than any other number.  There must be according to the original PageRank formula.  There would be many times more PR0 pages than Pr1 pages.  There would be many more Pr1 pages than PR2 pages and so on.  That is how the scale works.

Can You Get A Page To Rank Using PR0 Links Only?

Yes you can.   This is especially true if you are in a low competition setting.  As your competition gets tougher, it will take stronger links to get you ranked.

Anyone who has used one of the major article spinning and distribution services like UAW or AMA knows this.   Sometimes when you do article runs on those sites you end up with nothing but a bunch of PR0 links from PR0 pages on PR0 sites.   In fact that happens quite often.  You still notice a bump in rankings from it.  So, they must be counting at least some of them.

So, even links from low PageRank pages and low PageRank sites do matter.  They just matter a lot less.  And in most cases you won’t know for sure whether that site is going to gain more PR over time anyway.   So, my advice would be to just get the link and don’t worry about it.  Don’t over-think it.