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he best way to get that winning edge over your competitor’s products is to use digital media to market your product (Video) in this scenario. There are hundreds of companies out there who create promotional videos, advertisements, TV commercials and sponsored posts. Well they do get you good exposure and bring in quite a lot of sales. But that is not what are looking for, we need to the best selling product in the business.

It’s Christmas time and I’ve been checking out Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe (new song) and came across this awesome advert that made me instantly fall in love with this Dell Laptop. I never knew that they made products like these.

Creative Idea

Work with the creative minds who can make a difference in creating online SEO and marketing campaigns. Do you remember those old commercials from Cadbury? Yes, those adverts have left a long lasting memory in our hearts. Take your time and make your advert stand out from the rest of your competitors marketing campaigns.

Proof Of Concept

Now that you got an awesome idea of promoting your product its all about making sure that you have proof of concept of the idea of your product. IN this post we will take a look at why you should and most likely will buy the Dell ThinkPad. Who will not want a laptop like this. Check out this neat YouTube video and share your views in the comments box.

Publish and Share

You started off your digital marketing campaign with a creative marketing idea. Put the  idea to work and came up with an awesome proof of concept or value. Now its time for you to find the ideal time to publish and share it in every network possibly can. However with the budget constrains this cannot always be possible. Take your time find the best place and publish your campaign.

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