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Have you noticed that large websites with lots of backlinks are the ones that rank really well in the search results on Google?  I bet you have.  If you have been around this business for any length of time at all then I am sure you have already learned that the larger sites with the most links are the ones that get their pages ranking at the top of the search results for competitive keywords.  How do you build one of those sites?  You do it with methodical effort over a period of time.  It is like depositing coins in your piggy bank.

You are going to need to have both of those attributes (more pages & more links) on your website if you want a powerhouse ranking website.  That much work is not something that is going to happen overnight.  You will need to build that site up over time methodically.

Add new pages to the site at a regular pace.  Get backlinks to each one of those new pages as soon as they are published.  The more links you get back to each page the better.  But, even if you aren’t going to spend that much time working on getting a variety of links for every new page, you should at least make sure you get one or two.

During the first month or so it won’t feel like you are really making that much progress.  You won’t be getting that much traffic.  Your pages won’t be ranking very well.  But, at some point you will reach the apex.  From there things will start picking up steam.  You will notice that the new pages on your website are ranking very well as soon as they are published.  You will notice more and more traffic flowing into deep pages on your site from the search engines.

This is how the big popular blogs got to be such powerful high ranking websites.  They did it over time by producing decent quality pages that each earned a little bit of link love.  They may not have done that methodically.  They may have had that happen just because they were persistent for so long.  But, you can replicate their success by doing the work manually on a regular basis over a period of time.

Article marketing fits in perfectly with this model because it is an ideal way to get links to your new pages.  Every time you publish a new page, go publish an article or two that links back to that new page.  The go create another page and do the same thing again.