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With AdSense by Google you can display targeted Google ads on your website and it is free. You can earn money by displaying Google ads on your search results pages. It is a great way for website publishers of all sizes to increase their income. If you are struggling with AdSense, there are ways to properly set it up to increase traffic and maximize revenue. When you do things right, there is plenty of money that can be made and it is not hard to implement it. With some minor adjustments to your sites layout and the types of ads that you use, you can increase traffic and your profits.

If, on the other hand, you have traffic but just can’t make money at the pace you want, you can still increase your profits without having to increase the traffic on your site. By simply increasing your click through rate you are easily increasing profit without increasing traffic. To be successful you will not just need a high volume of traffic, you need more people to click on your ads.

AdSense is also a good way to increase your income without needing to sell directly to people. You provide areas for advertising to other companies. You get paid when somebody clicks on the ad on your site and, of course, the company or person advertising gets a chance to sell something.

When applying for AdSense there are a couple of things you should know and remember. Do not apply for two AdSense accounts at once. If you are awaiting a rejection email or approval, don’t apply again for another account. Though it may take some time, eventually you will get an answer. They will only approve sites with good content. They will look for quality and quantity. Focus on the quality first, since that is the most important factor. You may have a lot of content, but if it’s not good, you will get rejected! If you do not have a lot of traffic, then your blog isn’t suitable for AdSense. A blog with little to no visitors can’t make a lot of money. Make sure you look professional. Keep it simple and don’t use bright colors. Add links to the important pages and make sure your site is very easy to navigate. Finally, when you apply, use real names not nicknames.

To maximize your ad clicks, there are a few things to remember. Place ads near the top of your blog to the right. This is the first thing that users will see. Ads that are near or at the top will get more clicks. When placing picture ads, place them at low eye level, this will help capture each visitor’s attention. Also, make sure to mix images on your site with advertisements.

With more traffic you will get more clicks. More people will visit sites that are updated with new content and that look refreshing. With AdSense you can earn money, it is a numbers game. Get more people to view your site, which in turn will make you more money.