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There are many creative ways to increase your web site traffic. Some won’t cost you a cent while others will cost a lot. Try these 4 proven proven methods that range from free to costly to increasing the traffic of your website.

1. Improve your online presence

Your presence online needs to be improved if you are serious about increasing traffic. Offering free, high-quality, original site content is recommended. This is a means most effective for website traffic building. Offer visitors something that competitors don’t offer, or a higher quality than the rest. This way, you can ensure top quality and a loyal audience. You won’t be able to generate traffic just by gathering other people’s info. You need to give your guests or followers what they seek and what they are looking for in terms of the goals they have. Offer them something to have a good laugh, find quality news, entertainment or solutions to a problem. This is what keeps them coming back. Keeping your content fresh will increase traffic. It is important to provide updates regularly to your site especially in zones that are viewed frequently.  If possible, every few days, add content that is fresh. At the very least, add fresh content at least one time every week. When you are tired or are unable to generate your own content, you have the option to outsource this. Depending on the required quality, specialty or length, prices can begin at a minimal price. Of course, you should also contribute to your own website; you never know what talent lies within you unless you do.

2. Use VLP

Do you know what VLP is? This is an acronym for Video Landing Page. In other words, add videos that are relevant and informative to your website. Studies show that a great video can improve page rankings and conversions almost more than other items you can put on your page.

3. Retaining Quality

There are things you can do to ensure quality content is offered. Just like any other product, you won’t generate much traffic by offering poor or low quality content. This means, you must never paste or copy from other sites. Content that is not original gets detected immediately and you get sent to the bottom of the pile when you include this in your site. Do not use generators of content, as no one has any use for information that means nothing. Proofreading your work yourself and correcting any grammatical errors is going to be necessary. When you don’t have the time or the inclination for this, hire someone to proof read for you.

4. Get to the Top

Find ways to get your site to a search engine’s top ranking. To do this, you need to become search engine optimization experts. This is something that can’t be emphasized enough. Creating blogs, articles and other useful content is the way to do this. By developing multimedia and social networking, your rankings will also improve. This is a lot of hard work even if it sounds easy. However, your content will still be spread strategically in varied sites while your niche target is kept in mind. Be careful about not over-linking site pages, as the most recent update from Google forbids this. Build links back on to your site after you do SEO. With back links, the engines will index your site directly after they find each link. No need for submitting your site to the search engine itself, as the work will be done for you by your back linking.

Start working on these strategies today to ensure that you improve your rankings and come before your competitors.

Bonus Tip: Online marketing evolves so stay on top of your game by using all the latest proven strategies for improving rankings and traffic.