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Incredible ROI

dividerRecoup your monthly SEO expenditures as we gradually increase your website’s position in the real Google search engines. While your sales and customer base soar, SEO cost becomes only a fraction of your income and is fully recouped at the end of the 8 month period.

Individual Approach

dividerWe are a small company with a very personalized approach to our clients. With great attention to detail we can only work with a handful of businesses each month. Our consultant, once designated, will thoroughly study your business niche and your website and will come up with the best customized marketing strategy.

Updates & Reports

dividerWe always inform our clients about best SEO promotional strategies as well as report what has been done by means of monthly video analysis. We firmly believe in open door policy and full transparency. SEO optimization and improving rankings is a journey that us and our clients take together.


dividerWe are local SEO experts operating in numerous US cities what allowed us to gain experience that most of our colleagues just don’t have. By keeping in touch with other marketers in US & around the world, our ranking methods are up-to-date, ingenious & in compliance with latest Google updates.


What We Do

Need to rank higher locally? Perhaps you’d like a professional video presentation of your business. Already have one? Is it ranking in Google? Are you getting the right amount of exposure?

Apart from search engine optimization we provide a wide range of services, a “full package” if you will, from web design to video creation. We are able to take any company and create its internet presence from scratch ranking multiple properties on the first page of Google such as websites, videos and blogs.

Multiple Google Rankings

We don’t stop just on your website. Having experience in ranking multiple properties on the first page of Google, we also want to rank your YouTube videos, blogs, social media sites so as to “blanket” the top positions and leave your competition far behind.

Total Website Makeover

Designing a website structure from scratch allows us to properly optimize it for SEO while preserving the previous content. That way not only your website looks modern and up-to-date, what Google loves, but also it is easier and faster to rank.

Quality Over Quantity

We do everything manually and we do it ourselves. Shortcut methods that will get a website ranked and then penalized are not in our wheelhouse. The results we provide are long term and with a handful of clients we always strive for quality.



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“I’m glad we decided to put our trust in Martin. Within 4 months we started ranking on the first page of Google. Our business literally tripled over night. The SEO services Martin provides is worth every dollar and the ROI is amazing.”

– Howard Kotliard CEO

“Martin is one of the few elite SEO’s around, his skills in search engine marketing are exceptional. When it comes to ranking in Google search Martin delivers the No1 spot time and time again. I highly recommend.”

– Charlotte Driver Owner at Ollema Internet Marketing

“Martin understands Google search engine really well and is very good in determining clients needs and keyword phrases they need to rank for. He doesn’t just get the job done and leaves. He persistently works on a website until it basically ranks. He provides very personalized service. Highly recommended.”

– Thomas Wissman Founder at Absolute SEO

“When it comes to SEO, Martin is at the top of his game. I’m thoroughly impressed with his work ethic and professionalism, which is why I highly recommend working with him. He is committed to staying at the cutting edge of the industry, and it shows. If you’re interested in explosive SEO results, Martin is your one-stop-shop.”

– Brian Planas Entrepreneur

Search engine optimization experts in Columbus OhioWelcome, we are and my name is Martin Hosner. We also successfully run BluSEO – PBN Hosting digital marketing agency. We would love to partner up with you and help you put your company in the top results of real Google search engine so you could have more visitors and increase your revenue.

As you know Columbus is one of the top 20 cities in the whole of United States and you have probably come across our website by typing in Columbus SEO expert in Google. To be ranked for a major city like this is plus a business name is extremely difficult. If we can do it for our website, imagine what we could do for yours.

Without any doubt we are the best SEO company out there. Our focus is not only on search engine optimization and ranking websites but also on online marketing in general.

We will be happy to share with you the same strategies we used in the past to rank multiple businesses in Google and help them increase their revenue and get more exposure in the search engines.

For starters please fill in the discovery form and tell us about your business. On the basis of the information that you provide, you will be able to analyze your website and come up with a suitable game plan tailor-made just for you.

After you fill in the application form, you will receive from us a video analysis in the form of a multimedia presentation where we will tell you all about the problems connected with your website and why it is not ranking as it should be. From that point on you will have to make a decision whether we are a good match for each other and should be working together.

An SEO agency basically can either make your business or break it. It is a huge responsibility if you think about it that way since improper linking techniques and best optimization can literally sink your business in one day. Well-established brick-and-mortar businesses might not actually be that much affected by a drop in Google rankings, however, companies that depend solely on their online services can very quickly go broke.

That is why, when choosing SEO firm, it is crucial to make them proof their own or their former clients rankings.

There is always an option of doing and SEO yourself. There are countless of online courses or videos from a lot of self-proclaimed experts who will tell you that your website can be number one in Google in a couple of days. This is simply not true. Each business is unique just the same as each website is. There are keywords that are more difficult, locally oriented or global. For these three reasons alone would be ridiculous to assume that rankings can occur in a couple of days regardless of the keyword phrases a given company want to rank for.

Running a successful business takes a lot of time and a smart business owner shouldn’t focus on SEO but rather on making money. Hiring a proper search engine optimization expert will save lots of time and if done right, in a couple of months, increase company’s revenue exponentially. A good SEO specialist should be able to take a quick look on your business and your webpage and determine the best online marketing strategy for your business.

By careful and thorough analysis of your competition, we will also uncover other lucrative keyword terms you can be ranking for that you haven’t even thought of before. Competition analysis is a powerful way to steal a portion of their clients and outrank them in the real Google search engines.

A reliable Columbus Internet marketing agency should also provide a more personal approach. Frequent consultations and reports should be carried out on regular basis so that the person doing your SEO can understand your business better and rank it accordingly.

Keyword marketing is also about finding the proper target audience. That is why careful analysis of information coming from Google analytics is absolutely invaluable. Yet, but often optimization consultants fail to see this important step what that often result in badly targeted rankings.

A good search engine optimization has to be cost-effective. It means that the keyword phrases that your website’s ranking for must bring in new clients so that you can focus on converting them into customers or clients. If the marketing company price their services correctly, in a couple of months should start seeing a good return on your investment.

Natural Google rankings are so much better than paid advertisements like Adwords. The reason is that lots of people are simply used to seeing ads and developed something what is known as advert blindness. So rather than buying a bunch of banner ads and praying for people to click them, it is so much better to invest in search engine marketing.

Steer clear of local SEO firms that use complicated, long-term contracts. Optimization in search engines cannot be something you pay for indefinitely and companies who make you contractually obliged to do so shouldn’t be even taken into consideration. In this situation clients hands can be tied. If you are not happy with the results after a couple of months of cooperation, you simply stop paying and there shouldn’t be any legal documents whatsoever trying to prevent you from doing so.

To find an expert in Columbus that will do your SEO well is not easy. It could be a good idea to look for referrals from some of other local friendly business owners or by reaching out to some review sites. Once you find the proper person or agency is always a good idea to do a little bit of research to find out their past experiences and successes. You might even consider reaching out some of the people they worked with before. As I have mentioned before, incompetent people can actually do more harm than good. Oftentimes, trying to recover a bad SEOd website can take a very long time or even be impossible.

Therefore, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Please go to our discovery page and carefully fill in the form at the bottom of the page. After that, we will send you a comprehensive video analysis of your website completely free of charge.

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